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Cheltenham has firmly established itself as one of the most attractive towns in England for residents and visitors alike. The Cheltenham Business Partnership brings together the private and public sectors to try to ensure the town continues to thrive and improve.

Cheltenham is known for its superb architecture, quality shopping, floral displays, parks and café scene.

Its retail is second to none with specialist shops amongst the wine bars and street cafés of Montpellier, antique shops in The Suffolks, a wide range of independents in Bath Road and the major national retailers represented on The Promenade and High Street.

There are two shopping centres – Regent Arcade and Beechwood – along with popular leisure destination The Brewery.

In the Cheltenham Business Partnership, key companies in commerce, industry, leisure and administration have come together as partners, along with Cheltenham Borough Council, to work towards ensuring the town's continued success.

There is currently a mood of optimism and determination within the Partnership about Cheltenham and its future. We must all strive to allow the town to grow in appeal as a vibrant first-choice destination in which to live, work and enjoy leisure time.

The Partnership needs your help to continue the improvements in the town and surrounding areas.

For information on how you may help us achieve this, or if you require help or advice in town centre management related issues, please do not hesitate to contact Partnership manager Kevan Blackadder at